How to Find an Editor for Your Novel

I plan on self-publishing my novel, and I want it to look as clean as possible. So, I’ve decided to hire a freelance editor to help me hit the bulls-eye on this story.

I am going through as many rounds of edits as I can endure before I send it to my editor so that she is getting something polished, versus wasting both our time and money cleaning up a mess I could have cleaned up on my own.


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How to Create a Map For Your Fantasy Novel

First thing, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself creating a map for your fictional universe if you don’t want to. But, your readers will likely thank you later if you do include one. It creates a better experience by letting readers be more involved and immersed in your work. Where would we be without a map of Middle Earth?

I created a crude map on a piece of notebook paper, but when I passed it off to a talented graphic designer, it became this (after a few edits because of my errors). This will be published along with my novel.

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Methods of Editing Your Manuscript, Part 2

I spent a month poring over my manuscript to add and edit in July, but what I should have been doing is revising. I was focusing too much on the line-by-line edits of grammar and odd sentences. Instead, my time would have been better spent re-reading the manuscript and realizing what pieces were missing so I could prepare for what I’m doing now.

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