When Can I Call Myself a Writer?

A couple of weekends ago was the Write on the Sound writer’s conference in the scenic Edmonds, WA. I’m always amazed how far people will travel for this little conference. It’s very affordable in a quaint and scenic location. My first year was last year, and I’m committed to going every year. It’s that good.


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The Decision of First Versus Third Person

All this time I’ve been writing my novel in third person. I figure, it seems like most commercial fiction is written in third person and people like it. The consensus seems to be that either people don’t read first person because they don’t like it, or they’ve just never encountered it so they have no opinion.


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How to Capture the Elusive Muse

I was thinking about a time I felt called to do something creative, but I ignored it. My muse came and whispered in my ear, and I refused to listen.

I had stories to tell, but I let them fade from memory. I didn’t nurture them. I put them in a notebook in flashes of inspiration then damned them to solitude.

My stories called me from those pages, begging to have their stories told.


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