The Decision of First Versus Third Person

All this time I’ve been writing my novel in third person. I figure, it seems like most commercial fiction is written in third person and people like it. The consensus seems to be that either people don’t read first person because they don’t like it, or they’ve just never encountered it so they have no opinion.


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How to Create a Map For Your Fantasy Novel

First thing, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself creating a map for your fictional universe if you don’t want to. But, your readers will likely thank you later if you do include one. It creates a better experience by letting readers be more involved and immersed in your work. Where would we be without a map of Middle Earth?

I created a crude map on a piece of notebook paper, but when I passed it off to a talented graphic designer, it became this (after a few edits because of my errors). This will be published along with my novel.

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